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Clinical treatment

The 5th City Clinical Hospital of Minsk city is a multi-purpose health care center. The bedspace of the Hospital amounts to 855 beds as of 2007. The Hospital includes 19 health care departments and 14 ancillary departments.
The Health Care Center provides:

  1. High-quality care is provided to cardiovascular and pulmonological patients by the specialists of the relevant departments;
  2. Scheduled and emergency surgical and gynecological care;
  3. High-quality care is provided to cardiovascular and pulmonological patients by the specialists the relevant departments;
  4. High-quality care is provided to pregnant women and obstetric patients, Minsk citizens, by the specialists of the maternity hospital;
  5. Anesthetic and intensive care is provided by 2 relevant departments;
  6. Hypo-and hyperbaric therapy of various diseases.

The following departments perform diagnostics of various diseases:

  1. Clinical and Functional Diagnostics Department;
  2. Radiodiagnostics Department using X-ray , ultrasound equipment, X-ray computed tomography and magnetic resonance imaging;
  3. General clinical, hematological and biochemical diagnostics of diseases is performed in the clinical and diagnostics laboratory;
  4. Endoscopic diagnostics;
  5. Nuclear medicine diagnostics of various diseases.

The health care center provides the following types of scheduled and emergency care services to its patients:

- therapeutic  (120 beds), provided by the Cardiovascular and Pulmonology Departments;

- surgical (120 beds), provided by the 1st Surgery (Emergency) Department, Contaminated Surgery Department (A City Center of Plastic Surgery of Neurotrophic and Post-traumatic Septic Wounds operates under the Contaminated Surgery Department);

- neurological (235 beds) provided by 4 Neurology Departments to patients suffered from peripheral nervous system disorders, by the 2nd Neurology (therapeutic and diagnostic) Department (A City Centre of Myasthenia and Multiple Sclerosis operates under the Department), by the Brain Vessels Pathology Department and by the Department for curing patients suffered from spinal cord damage;

- neurosurgical (90 beds) provided by the 1st and the 2nd Neurosurgery Departments;

- gynecological (170 beds) provided by the 1st and 2nd Genecology Departments and by the Gynecology Department for patients suffered from acute diseases;

- obstetric (120 beds) provided by the Obstetrics and Physiology Department, by the Obstetrics and Observation Department and by the Pregnancy Failure Department;